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Vulnerability Management

Implementing a Vulnerability Management (VM) program, to include quarantining non-patched devices is an essential element to systems and information security. The ability to locate risks and mitigate them as soon as possible promotes proactive and not reactive defense within your organization. Datapoint Solutions’ cyber engineers and analysts can perform thorough security vulnerability scanning and assessments for your organization, provide training and education on how to organize and understand the data and then use it to perform continuous improvement and take preventive measure to keep your organization’s information safe. We are able to propose, execute a plan to increase your computer network security, and safeguard your Information Systems (IS) environment.

Information Assurance

The Information Assurance (IA) approach to Cyber Security is to align information assurance (IA) and security engineering with operational and functional initiatives that support a wide range of risk mitigation, threat assessment, and assured services. Services range from compliance, risk management, and cyber domain dominance to Governance and data protection policy. We have experience operating host-based intrusion detection systems (HIDS), network-based intrusion detection systems (NIDS), and setting up bastion hosts or IDS/IPS architectures and applications, that will add value to your organization. We support existing LAN/WAN networks by providing Windows, Unix/Linux server administration, Active Directory, and another well know legacy and next-gen authentication, authorization, and accountability (AAA) capabilities.

Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Testing and Application Security Testing are key processes that go hand in hand with most vulnerability management programs. The Pen Test controls, and processes help further define your level of protection and identify weaknesses in your defensive capabilities. The information garnered allows for an even stronger security posture within your Information Systems (IS) environment. Datapoint Solutions delivers advanced expertise with the latest industry tools, and proven and tested processes, that are best suited for each organization’s security perimeter and internal protection Technology Systems environment needs. We provide scheduled assessments and present actionable results

Cloud Integration Services

Datapoint Solutions engineers understand the continued strain that Small to Large businesses, as well as, Commercial, and Federal agencies are under to do more with less. To meet these increasing needs, while balancing business requirements and budgets, organizations are exploring new ways to compute data, store data, and offer essential and critical services to their employees, customers, clients, vendors, etc., through Cloud monitoring and reporting services.  We can connect your systems and applications, or migrate them, producing seamless data sharing & protection, while generating the conditions needed to provide better connectivity, Identity and Access Control Management, stringent Data Access and Privacy controls, for your unique business environment.

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