Slide Compliance

The right balance of people and technology can make a profound impact on financial and non-financial institutions. The advancement of technologies and tools of today continue to get even better and more intuitive for companies to maintain compliance and protect company assets.

Having the right strategic guidance partnered with unmatched expertise to know how to use them, and when, and work all of it into the big picture is key to Compliance Program success.

Virtual Compliance Officers are trusted and valued within your organizations Information Systems Technology security team. It takes a deliberate and specific approach that leads to understanding the intricacies of your business and your business goals. To achieve that level of understanding, we tailor a solution that is crafted and implemented to be the best customized strategic plan that ensures you reach your identified and targeted goals.

A Datapoint Solutions Virtual Compliance Officer (VCO) will provide:

  • Compliance Program Management
  • Regulatory Knowledge Resource
  • Customized Training & Education
  • Policy, Procedure and Risk Assessments
  • Internal Compliance Audit

And more…

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